Our Vision

A new communication channel that brings hotels and their guests closer together, renders the guests’ experience even more comfortable, and yields additional financial value for hotels.

This is the vision that guided the founding of SuitePad in 2012. Ever since, we have sought to develop an open and flexible platform which provides various innovative services. Not only do we offer our clients combined hardware and software solutions, we also provide them with access to many different hotel entertainment features such as movies, newspapers, and event tickets.

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The SuitePad Founders


Moritz von Petersdorff-Campen

Founder and Managing Director of SuitePad. Moritz oversees sales and marketing and is responsible for our strategic cooperations.

Prior to the launch of SuitePad, Moritz ran a Cloud Computing / Software service company, also in Berlin.

Tilmann Volk

Founder and Managing Director of SuitePad. Tilmann is responsible for our product development and the introduction of SuitePad in our partner hotels.

Prior to the launch of SuitePad, Tilmann oversaw the business development of Käuferportal, another successful Berlin startup.


The SuitePad Story

The idea for SuitePad was born in 2012. Our vision to unite guest file, phone, remote control, room service menu, SPA catalogue, and newspaper on one device eventually became  feasible from a financial standpoint as Android tablets became increasingly affordable.

The development of our product was accompanied by renowned private and chain hoteliers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This allowed us to develop SuitePad in accordance with the real needs of both private and chain hotels. Since the first installation took place in 2013, SuitePad has been introduced in 11 different European countries and was honored with numerous industry-relevant awards such as the CeBit BITKOM Innovation Award 2013, the Gastro Vision Award 2014, the Travel Industry Club Best Practice Award 2014, and the HSMAi Technology and Innovation Award.

Today, a highly motivated team works ceaselessly to further facilitate the communication between hotelier and guest. Kindly get in touch if you wish to support us in our work or want to bring a little more digital world into your own hotel.

SuitePad – A Distinguished Solution

BITKOMBITKOM: Innovation Award 2013
GVGastro Vision: Award 2014
HSMAIHSMAI: Best in Class
Technology Award
TICTravel Industry Club:
Best Practice Award