SuitePad for City Hotels



How to deploy SuitePad effectively in a highly competitive hotel market

In the digital age, city hotels face a constantly increasing competitive pressure. Today’s travelers are well informed and demanding as never before, prone to comparing rooms, rates, and locations prior to choosing their hotel. In order to stand out, hotels have to offer premium services and incite their guests to leave positive feedback on hotel rating platforms. SuitePad offers a number of unique approaches to address these issues. By giving guests access to a universally connective device with multimedia functions, SuitePad not only improves your value proposition for guests, but also provides an entirely new channel for generating more guest reviews on the rating platforms that matter most to you.

At the same time, SuitePad can actually pay for itself. Learn more in our product tour.

Features for City Hotels

SuitePad – Your Digital Concierge

Your city has a lot to offer: restaurants, bars, events, and nightlife activities. Staying up-to-date and giving your guest the best advice on what to do can be challenging for your front-office team. SuitePad is there to assist your staff in providing guests with great tips for their stay. Enter your favorite activities, restaurants, etc. into our content management system (CMS) and let your guests decide which ones they like best. Guests can send a reservation request to your concierge via email or book activities directly online.

Features for City Hotels

Business guests have specific needs

People traveling on business often arrive late at night and leave at the first light in the morning – experience shows that business travelers tend to enjoy a clutter-free hotel experience with as much service as possible in the short time they spend there. Our statistics show that 75% of business guests use SuitePad – for catching up on news, booking airport transfers, or simply checking their emails.