SuitePad for Hotel Chains

Hotel chains have different needs than individual hotels

Guaranteeing the same quality of guest experience across many properties can be a challenge. Hotel chains invest much time, money, and effort into enforcing equal standards in their hotels. SuitePad supports them by taking centralized guest communication to the next level. Marketing managers can upload special offers to our platform from the company’s HQ, while F&B staff can edit the weekly restaurant menu.

Features for Hotel Chains

Ensuring brand standards across properties

Regardless of the respective hotel, with SuitePad your guests receive the newest information on the hotel and your brand. With just a few clicks everything can be updated, from daily SPA highlights to a whole new corporate identity. It has never been easier to communicate with your guests from their rooms!

Features for Hotel Chains

Promote your bonus program with SuitePad

Guests are most likely to sign up for your bonus program when they are still in their room. Place your bonus program prominently on SuitePad to generate sign-ups right from the comfort of the guests’ room.

Features for Hotel Chains

First-class service requires first-class support

Establishing a new communication standard across properties can be challenging. We take pride in offering not only the best product, but also the best possible customer support experience. For hotel chains, we offer premium support with free webinars for all parties involved- from marketing executives to front desk staff. We take you through the steps of introducing SuitePad to all your destinations and remain your reliable partner for technical support and continuous optimization.