SuitePad Increases Your Revenue


Wider Reach

Hotel guests often miss out on your offers and specials, simply because they go unnoticed. Use SuitePad to increase your reach for marketing purposes 


Push-Messaging Feature

Fill your SPA or restaurant during slow hours by sending push messages to all rooms, offering short-term specials that your guests can book instantly via SuitePad.


New Revenue Streams

Benefit from revenues generated via SuitePad by earning a commission fee on external bookings such as car rentals or flight tickets. 

How can push-notifications increase your revenues?

The Mandala Hotel in Berlin has increased its average monthly revenues with push-notifications via SuitePad from 8.04€ to 72.57€ per device.


Case Study

Read more about what measures The Mandala Hotel took to reach this goal in our free Case Study.

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Your Guests Will Love SuitePad


International newspapers

With SuitePad, guests can read their favorite newspapers from around the world. We offer more than 150 newspapers from all over the globe.


Digital concierge

SuitePad is a beautifully simple way of informing your guests of what to do in town, what sights to visit, and which restaurants to book. Have your guests get in touch with your front desk via SuitePad or let them book their activities on their own.


TV & Radio

Add the most comprehensive digital entertainment device to your hotel rooms. Guests can stream video and audio at the touch of a button.


Browsing the web

Optionally, we can allow your guests to surf the web with their SuitePad. We take privacy very seriously and do not save any session data.


Social media integration

SuitePad’s social media integration allows your guests to stay in touch with their loved ones and your hotel to place your social media profile prominently on the web.


Games for every taste

SuitePad comes with a variety of games as standard. No matter if you run a holiday resort in the Alps or a downtown-business hotel – guests love gaming on SuitePad.

Our usage statistics show just how much guests appreciate SuitePad


Number of hotel guests reached monthly
Minutes of usage per SuitePad session
Percentage of guests who use SuitePad daily

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SuitePad Lowers Your Operating Costs


SuitePad costs less

Guest directory, telephone, remote control, room service menu, spa catalogue, and TV program combined are more expensive than our SuitePad hardware!


Lower room-cleaning costs

Allow your guests to decide if they really wish their room to be cleaned daily by offering them a room-cleaning waiver. Save up to EUR 9,- per day when guests choose to forego daily cleaning.


Leaner processes

Optimal communication between guests, front desk, SPA, F&B department, and management thanks to SuitePad’s messaging and call functions.

What potential do in-room tablets offer?

In the era of digitalisation and the rise of online portals like and TripAdvisor, it’s become increasingly more difficult to reach the guest, especially during their stay at the hotel. Hoteliers must seize this chance to communicate with the guest and bind them to their house. With in-room tablets hoteliers can easily inform the guest about the hotel offers, delight them with a comprehensive entertainment offer and sell spare capacity.

In this video, three hoteliers explain what role SuitePad plays in their hotels and what benefits the new communication and sales channel has.


A Few of SuitePad’s Features


Book Hotel Services

Let your guests book SPA treatments, order room service, or reserve a table in your restaurant – all at the touch of a button.

Plan the Next Stay

Your guests can now book their next stay at your hotel via SuitePad – no commission fee paid to OTA’s!

Integrated Customer Retention

Place your bonus program or newsletter sign-up prominently on SuitePad to retain customers more effectively.

International Newspapers

Offer your national and international guests a premium service by giving them daily access to their favorite newspapers and magazines from around the world.


Into gaming? SuitePad has got you covered with our interactive gaming suite.

Free Browsing

Optional browsing function for your guests. We value privacy: no session data is saved.

Travel Guide & Tips

Provide useful tips on sightseeing, activities, restaurants, bars, and night-life – You decide what to promote!

Integrated Anti-Theft

Our SuitePads are protected against theft and private usage. Contact us to find out how we ensure a theft rate below 1.5%.


Customer feedback via SuitePad reaches you instantly – you will be able to react while the guest is still on your premises.

Convention Features

Display speaker profiles, timetables, and sponsor messages on the devices and notify participants of schedule changes via push!

PMS Integration

If you so wish, we can integrate SuitePad into your Property-Management-System to optimize internal processes.


Welcome your guests with a personal message via SuitePad or let them know which SPA appointments are still available!