SuitePad 8″: For hotels developed.

Technical Specifications

8-Inch Screen (1280x800px Resolution)


Aluminium Case


Intel Processor


Magnetic Charging Port


Anti-Theft Charger


No Front-Camera for Protection of Privacy


Optional Branding


2 Years Guarantee

Through the magnetic charging port and the integrated theft protection SuitePad 8″
is perfectly matched for hotels.

Magnetic Charging Port

The docking station and the tablet are connected through a magnetic charging port. This improves the handling for guests and housekeeping and damages incurred when placing the tablet in the dock are excluded.
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Integrated Theft Protection

The SuitePad solely works with the hotel Wi-Fi. Therefore taking the device home gets uninteresting for guests. The individual charger and the firmly connected docking station complicate a possible theft.

In many hotels, SuitePad pays for itself!