SuitePad Customer Advisory Board Member: Alexander Katzsch

Alexander Katzsch

Area Director of IT - Europe, Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts

Alexander Katzsch is Area Director of IT - Europe at Jumeirah. His long-time experience in IT for hotel chains makes him the ideal person to represent the interests of upscale chain hotels.

SuitePad Customer Advisory Board Member: Marc Fries

Marc Fries

VP Change Management, AHM Hotel Management 
Marc Fries is VP Change Management at Carat Hotels / AHM Hotel Management, with a background in the cloud PMS industry (hetras). His extensive experience makes him an ideal source of feedback for technical innovations.
SuitePad Customer Advisory Board Member: Christian Andresen

Christian Andresen

Co-owner, Managing Director, The Mandala Hotels
Christian Andresen is the co-owner and Managing Director of the renowned Mandala Hotels in Berlin. As Vice President and Chair of the DEHOGA Berlin’s hotel industry division, he has also been a customer since day one.
SuitePad Customer Advisory Board Member: Ole Kloth

Ole Kloth

Director of Development, Soulmade Hotels

Ole Kloth is the Director of Development at Soulmade Hotels. Anyone wanting to know how the hotel industry manages its balancing act, between natural materials and state-of-the-art technology, need only look at one of the Soulmade properties – and see Ole’s personal touch.

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