Five Questions About Working in the Customer Success Management Team at SuitePad

    Robert Helfrich, Head of Customer Success Management at SuitePad


    Robert, you’ve been a part of the SuitePad Customer Success team since 2016, how would you describe what the department does?

    We work with customers that have the strongest overall potential – typically hotel groups and chains – to develop strategies for making the most of their current SuitePad installation and achieving the goals we set out at the beginning of their contract. The main goal is to generate added value for the group or chain as a whole, helping them optimize and expand the use of SuitePad services across all of their hotels.


    At SuitePad, we also have an Account Management team. What differentiates the role of the Customer Success team from that of the Account Management team with the company, and what requirements are needed to become a Customer Success Manager at SuitePad?

    In Customer Success, we only focus on hotel groups and chains and how we can help establish SuitePad services throughout their organization. Our Account Management team looks after the day to day needs of our customers, while we are more sales-driven in nature, measuring and optimizing the success of their current installation and encouraging them to equip more hotels in their chain off the back of this success.

    The requirements needed for this position are quite varied, which means people with all sorts of professional backgrounds can bring value. My background is mostly in hospitality which has given me an in-depth understanding of face to face service, but it also requires the ability to actively advise and push sales. For this role, you need to be highly motivated and determined, and it’s important to have self-belief and a certain amount of confidence when trying to close deals with top international managers in the hotel industry.

    SuitePad installation at a hotel that's still under construction.


    This role requires a lot of traveling. What has been your most interesting trip and why?
    Each business trip is special in its own way, especially as all the hotels we visit have their own unique quirks. It certainly takes me to some interesting places though! There was one trip that I remember very well. I went to Dublin for an installation, but as soon as I arrived, it turned out that the hotel was still under construction! I’d flown all that way, so there was no way I was leaving without installing these devices. So, I grabbed a hardhat from the site foreman and got to work installing the SuitePad tablets into the unfinished hotel. In the end, it worked very well, but it was certainly a very interesting trip!


    How much of your workload is dedicated to direct customer service and how much is dedicated to strategic analysis?

    On a typical working day, I spend four to five hours on the phone or writing emails. Direct interaction with our customers is important, so we prioritize plenty of time for this! The rest of the time is spent between doing strategic work and analysis or in meetings with clients or the internal team. The wide range of different activities is exactly why I love this job so much!

    Hotel emergency exit


    Have there been any situations with customers that turned out completely different from what you expected?

    I once recommended that a customer upload the hotel emergency escape plan on the SuitePad devices, thinking it would just be a single PDF upload for all the rooms. But, it turned that the hotel had a specific emergency escape plan for each room on the premises – which in hindsight seems very sensible. Of course, I was still happy to follow through, especially as I had made the recommendation in the first place. I spent quite a while integrating 130 different pages across all of the SuitePad devices in the hotel. In the end, the main thing was that the customer was very happy with this service!

    If you can see yourself helping SuitePad promote its digital services in the hotel industry, check out our careers page. At SuitePad, we’re always on the lookout for top talent!