A week in the life of an account manager at SuitePad ...

    KanBan Meeting


    And so it begins...
    It’s nine o’clock on Monday morning. I make myself a coffee and check the mountain of emails that have poured in over the weekend – mostly from clients in the UAE who start their week on a Sunday. Before I know it, it’s 9:30 am and time for the weekly meeting with the whole company where we discuss important news, strategic decisions, and announce the recent successes of teams and individuals. It’s always good to hear what other teams have been up to and how fast we’re moving as a company! As soon as that meeting’s finished, it’s off to another – our daily KanBan meeting. We get together with the relevant departments to discuss the status of the customers that we’re currently working with. I love this meeting because it allows me to have an overview of exactly where my team fits into the larger scope of the business and how to plan my coming week. Once done, I get to work organizing my week ahead which begins with a kick-off call with a new hotel customer where we discuss the content and processes for their upcoming SuitePad installation. The kick-off conversation goes well and I get the impression they’re excited to finally have SuitePads in all of their rooms! As soon as I hang up the phone, I realize my tummy’s rumbling – lunchtime! Today we’re having a team lunch, so I join the other members and take some time to relax. Once lunch is over, it’s time for our Account Management Jour Fix. In this meeting, we talk about innovations, ideas, any issues we may have with the processes, and ways that other members of the team might be able to help. As soon as it’s over, my calendar reminds me that I’ve got a feedback call with the Mellow Island Hotel the following day – so I head back to my desk and make the necessary preparations. Before I know it, the day is done and it’s time to head home.


    The calm before the storm

    We start with the 9:30 am KanBan meeting. Then, it’s back to my desk to prepare for the day – my main task today is to prepare everything for my trip to London tomorrow and ensure that my team has everything they need from me before I go. My preparations are punctuated by a series of urgent phone calls, but I eventually get everything sorted – and it’s already time for lunch! It’s great to take a break and relax with the team for a while. After lunch, I have my feedback call with the Mellow Island Hotel. The call is mainly to ensure that everything is fine with their recent installation and to see if any changes need to be made. Luckily, everything is fine. I make some arrangements for when I’m back in the office – including arranging an important phone call with Ms. Mayer, a new prospective client, for Friday. It’s a little earlier than usual, but I decide to leave the office and go home – I’ve got a long day of traveling ahead of me!

    London hotel conference room


    London calling
    My alarm rings at 4:15 am – not ideal... but I get up, get ready, and make my way to the airport for my 7:30 am flight to London. We arrive in London at 8 am and head straight to the site of the installation. The clients seem very keen which is always a good sign! I spend the day demonstrating how to use our content management system, how the receptionists can use the platform to manage incoming orders, and what the housekeeping team should look out for in the future. Everything seems to go to plan, but then I realize I should be off soon – I need to catch the 9 pm flight back to Berlin! Sitting in the airport, I reflect on the long day. I’m glad it was a success but I’m also starting to feel tired. I sleep during the journey back to Berlin, and I’m in bed by 00:30 am. Done!


    Working our magic
    Luckily, I can come into the office a little later today – I certainly need a bit of extra sleep this morning! On my way in, I check my schedule and I’m delighted to see I’ve got a remote installation scheduled for today. This project has been going on for half a year now so it’ll be great to get it done and to finally tick it off my list! Once in the office, the success managers greet me, informing me about a newly acquired hotel chain – it’s a proud moment as I know that my hard work has had a hand in landing this new contract. These moments make me realize that SuitePad is really taking the hotel market by storm! Today already feels like it’s going to be a great day. By the time six o’clock comes around, I feel like I’ve got everything back in order since leaving for my trip to London and I can go home and relax, knowing that everything is under control.
    SuitePad Office on a Friday afternoon


    To-Do lists, emails, and the Friday ritual

    It’s Friday! Which means that it’s already the weekend for our clients in the UAE so I can concentrate on other tasks at hand. I get to work making a to-do list for the upcoming week and take some time to answer incoming emails and queries from clients. Before lunch, I attend a quick preview call with a colleague from our content team and we show Ms. Mayer, our new prospective client, the first preview of her possible new installation. She seems happy but just needs some points clarified from the initial kick-off meeting with the sales team. I go for lunch, and as the weather’s nice today, I decide to take a stroll around the local area and sit in the small park across the road to stretch my legs a bit. After lunch, my workday slows down – I’m already unwinding from the long week I’ve had. While organizing my calendar for the following week, I notice that my colleague has a beer in her hand! At that moment, I realize it’s already five o’clock so it must be time for the team’s Friday ritual – sit back, relax, and have an end of week beer with your colleagues! It’s one of my favorite times in the work week and although it’s a fun activity, it’s also very important to ensure the team builds bonds outside of the busy and fast-paced atmosphere. After a beer or two, I head home to start my weekend!

    Account Manager wanted (m/w/d)

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