With SuitePad TV, the SuitePad Tablet functions as a remote control – no additional hardware needed!

Offer a whole new level of comfort by replacing your TV remote with the SuitePad Tablet. Guests can now operate their in-room TV with the tablet thanks to its integrated infrared sensor. They can even play their favourite shows and movies on the TV straight from their smartphone.

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Vorteile von SuitePad TV: Die moderne Fernbedienung zieht ins Hotelzimmer ein

SuitePad – the modern remote control

95% of all hotel TVs are already compatible with SuitePad TV Control thanks to the integrated infrared sensor in the SuitePad Tablet. Your guests can operate the TV as usual, and filter TV channels by language or genre.

Vorteile von SuitePad TV: Ersetzen Sie Ihre alten Fernbedienungen

Replace outdated remote controls

The TV remote is one of the highest carriers of bacteria in any hotel room. Replacing it with the easy-to-clean SuitePad Tablet is more hygienic, requires no battery changes, and means it is always easy to find!

Vorteile von SuitePad TV: Noch mehr Aufmerksamkeit für die digitale Gästemappe

Increased visibility

On average, SuitePad TV increases SuitePad Tablet usage by 2.3 times what it would otherwise be. This means more engagement with your digital guest directory, content, and services.

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