Every guest visits the lobby during their stay making it the perfect opportunity to highlight the services your hotel offers

Sony SRXD technology enables projections on horizontal and vertical surfaces, meaning hotel information such as parking fees or restaurant/spa opening hours is not only projected on the wall or reception desks, but is also interactive. When the reception area is busy, SuitePad Lobby Software and the Xperia Touch can shorten guest waiting times, taking the pressure off your staff, and ensure guests stay satisfied while driving sales.

The Xperia Touch for hotel lobbies is an exciting mobile companion for guest relations

SuitePad Lobby & Sony Xperia Touch: the easier way to up-sell

The better way to up-sell

Why not convince your hotel guests of the benefits of a room upgrade right from check-in? Using a projector, reception staff can provide information on room features and clearly present the various room categories through virtual tours.
Encourage cross-selling with SuitePad Lobby and Sony Xperia Touch.

Encourage cross-selling

Additional services such as a massage at the spa, a dinner at the restaurant, or souvenirs from the hotel shop are easier to sell with informative images or videos displayed to guests via the interactive projector.
Attract new regular guests with SuitePad Lobby and Sony Xperia Touch.

Attract new regular guests

Want to promote your hotel's loyalty programme? Using the projector in your lobby, you can inform guests of membership benefits and facilitate registration.
Increase the readership of your hotel newsletter with with SuitePad Lobby and Sony Xperia Touch.

Increase the readership of your hotel newsletter

SuitePad's Lobby Software offers multiple ways to increase the readership of your hotel newsletter. A prominently placed registration button or push notification can help you generate newsletter subscriptions during the check-out process.
Bridge your guests' waiting times with SuitePad Lobby and Sony Xperia Touch.

Bridge your guests’ waiting times

Your guests will appreciate fast, friendly check-in. But, when the lobby is busy, they often end up having to wait around. Give your guests the chance to bridge these waiting times and instantly retrieve information on the hotel and surrounding area.
Use SuitePad Lobby and Sony Xperia Touch as a digital concierge.

Digital concierge

The Xperia Touch helps your concierge advise and attend to your guests. A connection to the Google Play Store enables the integration of external taxi, chauffeur, maps,  and activity apps as well as providing guests with information on day trips, the weather, and flight schedules.


Andrea Bishara, PR Manager
"At the Westin Grand Hotel Berlin, we have been using digital communication solutions like the SuitePad since early 2015. We are a large property with 400 rooms and always have a lot of guests, so extensive guest communication is required. We’re pleased to be the first hotel to use the SuitePad lobby projector for the concierge and at reception. It enables particularly flexible, clear and (most importantly) modern interactions with guests. Just perfect!"

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