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Press Release from August 23, 2021

August 23rd, 2021. Berlin. With most hotel spas having undergone a hiatus during the Covid pandemic, they’re experiencing a surge of demand now the hospitality industry is fully reopened. Maximizing spa bookings in a busy period is key if hotels are to make the most of demand – especially if an array of treatments, services, and wellness products are on offer. To do this, many hotels are seeking to exploit new technology to help streamline processes and provide guests with access to relevant information during their stay.

A standout example of a hotel using technology to significantly boost bookings – and therefore its revenue – is the Mondorf Parc Hôtel in Luxembourg which has seen an increase in spa and treatment bookings. More than 95% of all revenue generated through its tablet installation has come from spa and treatment bookings. The hotel uses technology provided by SuitePad, Europe’s leading provider of digital guest communication solutions for hotels. Implemented in each guest room alongside their informative content, the tablets also offer an open communication channel to the front desk for guests while reducing the need for staff to make telephone calls.

This technology provides guests with a readily accessible platform through which the hotel can display key information about the spa, its availability, and the range of treatments and amenities on offer. It allows guests to make bookings in a relaxed, stress-free manner, without the need for conversations or discussions, giving them time and space to enjoy their stay. This approach underlines the relaxing environment of a spa hotel focused on wellness. Alongside top-line information, the tablets also enable guests to dig deeper into the specifics of the hotel’s services. Not only does this encourage spa bookings, but it also enhances hotel efficiency thanks to staff having to handle fewer guest inquiries directly – with information digitally displayed.

Their use has facilitated a responsive, high-quality service, allowing for effective communication between guests and hotel staff. The tablets saw a significant reduction in paper use and printing costs – something that aligns with the hotel’s eco-friendly ethos. The hotel further enhances its environmental contribution by using SuitePad’s Green Option. This feature allows customers to forgo room cleaning, which not only greatly reduces the amount of water, chemicals, and energy used in the room cleaning process, but also saves on utility and staffing costs. This is especially important as many guests at wellness hotels also like to promote the wellness of the environment as well as themselves.

Patrick Le Meur, Director of Mondorf Parc Hôtel, commented: “We originally intended to install SuitePad devices at the hotel to increase sustainability and reduce the hotel’s impact on the environment. Once we had the installation, we realized there was so much more we could do with the tablets, such as facilitating the real-time, instant booking of spa and wellness treatments, offering important information, and communicating with guests in an effective way.”

SuitePad consistently demonstrates how digital hotel technology is not limited to younger generations and its benefits are accessible to all. Quite often the older demographic of guests adopts the use of the tablets very well – with many hotels suggesting they often prefer this mode of communication and distribution of information to more traditional forms. Patrick continued: “Our one concern was that more senior guests would not take to using the SuitePads, but it’s been quite the opposite. Our senior guests really enjoy using the tablets as it’s much more convenient and modern than traditional in-room collateral.”

The current boom the world of tourism is experiencing in wellness resorts has opened the door for the more curative hotels wanting to upsell the spa facilities they have to offer. A comprehensive digital solution offers an excellent way to increase guest engagement, and subsequently, hotel revenue.

Moritz von Petersdorff-Campen, founder and managing director of SuitePad, commented on the success of the Mondorf Parc Hôtel, saying: “It’s fantastic to see the impact the new SuitePads have had at the Mondorf Parc. The uptake of technology across the generations really highlights its ability to enhance everyone’s guest experience. The tablets have really come into their own. The hotel is able to use SuitePad’s technology to increase spa and wellness bookings at a time where self-care has never been more important.”

To find out more about how the Mondorf Parc Hotel improved their spa and wellness bookings by following the link to a free case study below.