Offer your guests hotel information or services even while they’re on the go.

Guests can use their own end devices to find out about hotel services, sightseeing tips and restaurant recommendations, arrange a spa treatment, or book their next stay. Without needing to install another hotel app.

Hotel apps which first need to be installed on the guest’s smartphone or tablet show low engagement rates compared to SuitePad’s Bring Your Own Device solution. On average, fewer than two percent of every 100 guests actually download hotel apps.

The SuitePad BYOD solution instead gives your guests access to your digital guest directory via a personalised link – retrievable using any Internet browser, irrespective of device or location. As such, you can offer your guests and benefits and functions of a hotel app without having to invest lots of money in development, design and marketing. 

Advantages of the SuitePad BYOD solution

SuitePad BYOD: Build up excitement and increase sales revenue.

Build up excitement and increase sales revenue

The SuitePad BYOD solution enables you to welcome your guests and give them access to your property’s services before they even arrive at your hotel. With the latest hotel information, guides, day-trip tips and exclusive offers, you’ll arouse their curiosity, encourage them to discover more, and make their arrival and check-in smoother. Just as in classic hotel apps, the SuitePad BYOD solution also allows guests to book wellness treatments or dinner at the hotel restaurant.

SuitePad BYOD: an indispensable travel companion

An indispensable travel companion

The SuitePad BYOD solution combines the most important info on day-trip destinations, attractions, restaurant recommendations, and current events, enabling you to give your guests some valuable points of reference in the information overload often generated by digital travel guides. You can also give your guests the opportunity to book hotel offers directly while on the go, thereby helping your sales staff with their daily work.

SuitePad BYOD: Systematically boost sales.

Systematically boost guest loyalty

Once a guest has checked out, SuitePad BYOD allows you to keep in contact with them without any media disruption. Your guests can conveniently provide feedback and rate their hotel stay from home, using their Smartphone or tablet. SuitePad’s BYOD also promotes direct bookings via your own website. Boost your customer loyalty, by incorporating your loyalty programmes.

Das Hotel Central in Sölden uses the SuitePad BYOD solution to engage with hotel guests before check-in.

Hotel Das Central Sölden

Monika Wöckl, Director of Marketing & Sales

“We have been using SuitePad technology since 2014. We believe being able to communicate informally with guests and inform them about our products is a huge advantage. The new BYOD solution enables us to provide guests with the most important information about their stay before they even check-in, without having to send tediously long emails.”

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