Digitize guest communication during the stay! The SuitePad In-Room Tablet combines a digital guest directory, booking tool, hotel phone, re­mote control, and more features in a single device.

Designed with the utmost care, our high-quality hardware prioritizes your guests' privacy by intentionally excluding a camera. With cloud-based software, you can impress your guests with a modern and cus­tomized design. Plus, with the centralized Content Management System, you can easily update information and analyze valuable usage statistics.
SuitePad — The all in one solution


Effiziente Kommunikation, personalisierter Service, digitale Erlebnisse: Die Erwartungen moderner Hotelgäste an ihren Aufenthalt sind höher denn je. Mit unseren In-Room Tablets können Sie sicherstellen, dass Ihre Gäste in allen Belangen zufrieden sind. Und das ist noch nicht alles — SuitePad bietet auch zahlreiche Vorteile für Ihr Hotelgeschäft, darunter Umsatzsteigerung und Prozessoptimierung.

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Improve Guest Communication

With the SuitePad In-Room Tablet, your guests have the digital guest directory at their fingertips. With functions such as telephone, chat, and quick feedback, guests can easily ask questions or give feedback during their stay and you can promptly respond to their inquiries.

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Generate Higher Revenue

SuitePad offers your guests the convenience of booking room service, table reservations, and spa treatments digitally and effortlessly. With personalized push notifications, you can ensure that they receive the right offers at the right time during their stay.

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Optimize Costs & Processes

Instead of costly and time-consuming paperwork, SuitePad allows you to centrally manage and update your content in real time on a single platform. Thanks to its seamless integration with PMS and other systems, your operations will run smoothly and efficiently.

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Usage statistics show that our SuitePad in-room tablets are extremely popular with hotel guests. On average, 80 percent of guests use the tablet for 15 minutes or more. Compared to other solutions, SuitePad offers distinct added value for hotels and ensures that information and offers are communicated effectively.

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source: SuitePad platform, appinio research & customer feedback

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With over 1,000 hotels in 30 countries worldwide, we are the leading provider of in-room tablets in the hotel industry. Our clientele includes a diverse range of hotels, spanning from well-known chains to individual hotels, and from prestigious The Leading Hotels of the World to urban Design HotelsTM.

Why we decided to roll out Suitepad after the trial period can be summarised in three points. Firstly the the guests responded well to the product. Secondly we were generating noticeable financial surpluses through additional orders and through savings on processing costs. And thirdly, we profit from a partnership in which we are proactively advised and problems are quickly solved.

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DORINT Hotels & Resorts

Karl-Heinz Pawlizki, former CEO

SuitePad offers us the possibility of direct and tailored contact with the guest as soon as he enters the room. In addition, the in-room tablet replaces the classic guest folder, which required a lot of maintenance. We have also removed the phones and TV remotes from the rooms, as the SuitePad perfectly integrates and fulfills these functions.

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Amano Group

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Explore the SuitePad In-Room Tablet with its diverse range of features and design options. Our product experts will customize the online presentation specifically for your hotel and target audience, ensuring you receive all the relevant information.

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