Berlin — February 15, 2023

Hoteliers can now see what their guests want with more ease and precision. The new SuitePad dashboard gives a quick overview of how customers use the in-room tablet and which orders they are placing.

To do this, the new dashboard layout has been clearly divided into the "Usage" and "Orders" sections. Clicking on the headers makes it easy to switch between the individual subsections "Page Views," "Sessions," "Average Session Duration," as well as "Revenue" and "Orders".

Easy-to-understand graphs provide an overview of the data over time, including daily and hourly averages. The new layout helps to answer questions such as on which day of the week SuitePad is used most frequently or at which time of day guests order the most. A category list in the "Revenue" area visualizes not only total sales but also average sales per order. In addition, it provides further detailed information on individual product groups.

The new SuitePad dashboard makes it even easier for hoteliers to gain valuable insights into guest behavior and tailor their information and product offerings more precisely.