Press Release from August 5, 2021

Van der Valk Hotels Continue to Partner With SuitePad to Enhance Their Guest Communication With In-Room Tablets

Van der Valk Hotels, one of Europe’s largest hotel chains, is rolling out SuitePad´s in-room tablets at more and more of its international properties. Known for being the Netherlands’ largest family business, Van der Valk Hotels currently uses the tablets in 19 properties and around 2500 hotel rooms across three countries (Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany) as their digital guest communication tool. They have developed significant best practices since the first installation at the Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk back in 2018 by both the SuitePad and Van der Valk teams, leading to a circle of continuous improvement at Van der Valk.

SuitePad’s in-room tablets create a convenient, full-flowing digital experience for the guests at Van der Valk Hotels properties. With their SuitePad in-room tablets, Van der Valk Hotels have been able to digitize and automate their internal processes and work, allowing their staff to focus on “real” guest interaction. During the difficulty of the pandemic, information for guests can be more easily updated to all rooms at the click of a button via the SuitePad tablets. Before installing their in-room tablets, staff at Van der Valk Hotels had to manually update paper collateral in each and every room.

SuitePad tablet with the Van der Valk Hotel Hoorn installation welcome screenThe Van der Valk Hotel Hoorn - one of the latest SuitePad installations - has already shown great results from SuitePad´s guest room tablets. The 158 room property saves an average of 855 Euro per month with the Green Option feature that allows guests to skip room cleaning when they choose. The tablet also serves as an ideal booking and upselling platform, already having a total of 164 room service orders with an average spend of 42 Euro totaling 2880 Euros of additional revenue.

“We see Suitepad as a modern digital guest directory that provides our guests with all the information and conveniences in the hotel room. A very welcome extra service. In addition, we generate extra turnover and get more information about the wishes of our guests, so a real win-win situation for us.” says Tessa van der Valk, General Manager, Van der Valk Hotel Hoorn.

“We are excited to continue our great partnership with Van der Valk Hotels, one of the top and emerging hotel chains in Europe. It's great to see the commitment of the hotels to provide their guests with a state-of-the-art digital guest communication solution and the results speak for themselves so far. We are looking forward to rolling out our SuitePad in-room tablets in more of their properties” said Moritz von Petersdorff-Campen (Co-Founder & Managing Director at SuitePad).

About Van der Valk Hotels

The Netherlands' oldest and largest hotel chain Van der Valk has more than a hundred hotels, spread across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, and the Netherlands Antilles. In the late 1920s, the story started with an eatery in Voorschoten, run by Martinus and Rie Van der Valk. In the meantime, the fourth generation is at the helm and the fifth generation is working in some of the hotels.


To find out more about how SuitePad and Van der Valk work together, download the Van der Valk Ridderkerk case study by following the link below.