The Mondorf Parc Hôtel

The Mondorf Parc Hôtel is part of the Mondorf Domaine Thermal—one of Northern Europe’s most premium natural springs. Known for its curative properties, the water from the springs at Mondorf-les-Bains is enjoyed by thousands of people from all over the world every year. Having first been discovered in the 1840s, the high mineral content of the water helps  cleanse and cure visitors, assisting them to destress in a place of calm relaxation.

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Hotel name: The Mondorf Parc Hôtel

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Hotel type: Wellness Hotel

Stars: ★ ★ ★ ★

The current boom the world of tourism is experiencing in wellness resorts has made the curative waters of the Mondorf Parc Hôtel even more sought after. With their prime positioning next to the Mondorf-les-Bains springs, they have built a business that caters to tourists looking for the full wellness experience.
This includes wellness-oriented restaurants such as the de Jangeli restaurant which boasts a rich menu with healthy, seasonal produce served by Chef
Sébastien Domange and his team.

The hotel also offers packages that cater to visitors’ different curative needs. They can choose a Liver and Digestive System Cure treatment, a Lower Respiratory System Cure, an ORL Sphere Cure, a Lympho-Venous Stasis Cure, and many more. By fusing the traditional curative properties of the waters at Mondorf-les-Bains with modern healthcare technology, the Mondorf Parc Hôtel has created its very own unique brand of healthcare treatments unlike anywhere else in the world.

The right solution for specific needs

With so many treatments, services, and products available at the Mondorf Parc Hôtel, the hotel management staff needed a way to streamline how guests access this information during their stay. Marketing their products and services to guests while they’re in the room is a core part of the Mondorf Parc Hôtel’s business strategy, and they wanted to expand the effectiveness of this marketing drive. In a region where there is a high number of different wellness and spa resorts, up-to-date and good quality marketing campaigns are important for ensuring guests choose your hotel’s in-house services. While they had been leading marketing campaigns for a long time with leaflets, brochures, and other paper-based collateral, these modes of communication were considered out of date and impractical and the hotel staff felt that they needed a step up. The Mondorf Parc Hôtel needed a solution that enabled hotel guests to lightly browse the available services while also allowing those guests that wanted to dig deeper into the specifics of the services the chance to do so.

Staff at the Mondorf Parc Hôtel also needed a solution that met their eco-friendly ethos. This was especially important as many visitors to wellness hotels also like to promote the wellness of the environment as well as themselves. Choosing a solution that could help the hotel achieve the eco-friendly and sustainable status that many modern guests consider when booking a stay was an important consideration for any solution they would want to install.

With so many digital guest communication solutions on the market, it was difficult for staff at the Mondorf Parc Hôtel to know which one would suit their needs best. For them, SuitePad’s in-room tablets ticked both boxes with its quick and easy updating, its push notification feature, and its Green Option feature that allows guests to digitally choose to forgo room cleaning — significantly reducing CO2 output in the process. After deciding on SuitePad, the Mondorf Parc Hôtel was fitted with a SuitePad in-room tablet in each room. But, would SuitePad live up to the expectations?

Life with SuitePad at the Mondorf Parc Hôtel The Mondorf Parc Green Option

After installing SuitePads in each of the Mondorf Parc Hôtel’s 108 rooms and suites, staff were able to see for the first time how the new installation helped
with marketing their own services and products. Using SuitePad’s in-room tablets, guests can now browse through what the hotel has to offer and even
watch detailed content on why they should choose the hotel’s services over their competitors. This level of detail and essential information is crucial for any hotel that wants to upsell its services to guests while they’re at the hotel.

As a result, the hotel has seen an increase in spa and treatment bookings, with more than 95% of all revenue generated through their SuitePad installation
coming from spa and treatment bookings between June 2020 and April 2021. By offering guests a more modern and streamlined platform for inquiring and booking these services, the Mondorf Parc Hôtel has greatly benefited from digitalizing these services.

The hotel increased its contribution to helping the environment. Using SuitePad’s Green Option feature, customers can choose to forgo room cleaning which not only greatly reduces the amount of water, chemicals, and energy used in the room cleaning process, but also saves on utility and staffing costs. For the Mondorf Parc Hôtel, this solution appeals to their eco-minded customers but also helps drive a healthy ROI from the installation of the SuitePad in-room tablets — making it a win-win for the environment and the hotel as a business.

The SuitePad installation helped contribute to the hotel being awarded the GOLD level Ecolabel for its ecological management and environmentally- friendly practices.

Appealing to all age demographics

One area where the staff at the Mondorf Parc Hôtel saw room for potential problems was the age demographics of visitors at the hotel. Many of the visitors to the hotel are between the ages of 60 and 80 years old, and there was some concern as to whether this demographic would take to using the digital in-room tablets or whether they’d prefer the original paper-based in-room collateral.

Once the SuitePad solution had been installed, hotel staff were delighted to see that this older demographic of guests adopted the use of the tablet very well with the vast majority preferring this mode of communication and distribution of information to more traditional forms. The fact that senior guests have taken to digital guest communication very well shouldn’t be surprising — there are lots of studies suggesting that older generations are adopting technology at a faster rate than ever before and shouldn’t be considered technophobic in any way.

A nice surprise for the Hotel

The Mondorf Parc Hôtel hoped to use the SuitePads to increase the hotel’s sustainability and offer a more modern way of delivering information to guests. One area where the hotel didn’t expect to see improved results was at the restaurant. The hotel restaurants had been doing very well before the SuitePad installation, so this was not considered a major concern for hotel management. However, once the SuitePad was installed, management noticed a significant increase in the number of restaurant bookings thanks to the SuitePad solution. This unexpected yet successful added bonus of the SuitePad solution has driven a 15% increase in restaurant bookings, prompting significant revenue at the hotel from an outlet that was already considered successful. This was certainly a nice surprise as it increased ROI on the SuitePad solution even more so than had previously been predicted.

Tackling the Covid-19 pandemic with SuitePad

The Mondorf Parc Hôtel didn’t only see long-term benefits from their SuitePad solution, they also felt much better prepared to cater for guests during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most hotels needed to operate at reduced capacity or close completely during the pandemic. However, with the SuitePad installation
offering an effective way of socially distancing services, the Mondorf Parc Hôtel was able to operate throughout the pandemic using the in-room tablets as their main form of communication with guests.

Although no one could have foreseen the pandemic happening when it did, this just goes to show that digital solutions allowed the hotel to be more flexible in their response to the pandemic. The Mondorf Parc Hôtel also expects to bounce back quicker than its competitors as a result of their digital in-room tablets which will help guests better understand what the hotel has to offer once the pandemic is officially over.

The outlook for the Mondorf Parc HôtelThe Mondorf Parc Installation

The Mondorf Parc achieved its goals of becoming more sustainable and providing a modern form of communication for guests. Guests can now find out about the different services and treatments at the hotel in great detail and they can also choose to take a more eco-friendly approach to vacations. It’s very clear that people of all ages are happy to use these modern communication devices, proving that age is no barrier to technology!

In addition, the hotel also gained some unexpected benefits with regards to the increase in bookings at the hotel restaurant. This added bonus shows how the SuitePad solution can benefit hotels in unexpected ways.

The outlook for the Mondorf Parc Hôtel looks bright. Much like the treatments they offer, the in-room communication system they use is now completely
modern and cutting edge, ensuring they will benefit from whatever the future holds.



"We originally intended to install SuitePad devices at the hotel to increase sustainability and reduce the hotel’s impact on the environment. Once we had the installation, we realized there was so much more we could do with the tablets such as enabling real-time, instant booking of spa and wellness treatments, offering important information, and communicating with guests in an effective way. Our one concern was that more senior guests would not take to using the SuitePads, but it’s been quite the opposite. Our senior guests really enjoy using the tablets as it’s much more convenient and modern than traditional in-room collateral.” (Patrick Le Meur, Director of Mondorf Parc Hôtel)

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