SuiteCast transforms existing hotel TVs into modern entertainment systems

Guests watching regular TV programs in a hotel room is a thing of the past. Most people are used to streaming through Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Spotify on their TVs at home, so why not bring this to the hotel room? With SuiteCast, hotel guests can now stream their favorite content on their hotel room TV. It's time you offered your guests modern hotel room entertainment and set yourself apart from the competition.

Download the PDF one-pager information sheet for SuiteCast here.



SuiteCast has major advantages for hoteliers


Great value for money

SuiteCast transforms any existing TV with an HDMI input into a smart TV. For a small fee, you can offer your guests an even better in-room entertainment experience.


Added value for your hotel guests

Thanks to SuiteCast, hotel guests can now bring their favorite content to their hotel room. This will improve the guest experience using modern technology.

Individualized welcome screen

The welcome screen greets guests in accordance with your hotel's brand and style requirements. They can easily connect their mobile devices by scanning a QR code.

Arrange a free product demo

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