The Dorint Hotel Frankfurt/ Oberursel

Dorint have built a brand that focuses on combining the regional character of their hotels with the comforts of the 21st Century – a feature they’d like to extend to the hotel room. The staff at the Dorint Hotel Frankfurt/ Oberursel were in search of a modern communication platform that could provide added value for guests while also increasing sales revenue and strengthening the brand image of the hotel.

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Hotelname: Dorint Hotel Frankfurt/Oberursel

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Hotel type: MICE Hotel | Hotel Chain

Stars: ★ ★ ★ ★

The Implementation with SuitePad

The Dorint Hotel Frankfurt/Oberursel is about 20 minutes north of Frankfurt, set against the backdrop of the lusciously green Taunus mountain range. Equipped with 140 rooms, 12 function rooms, extensive food and beverage services, as well as a 360m² spa area, it is a renowned event and conference establishment. The hotel has been equipped with SuitePads since October 2017.

After installing SuitePads in their rooms, they saw an increase in usage compared to that of their previously installed digital solution. They also found that SuitePad’s Green Option greatly increased cost-savings for the hotel and that the availability of additional streams of revenue generated greater earnings.

All of these factors helped to convince the Dorint team to expand the use of SuitePad devices throughout their hotel group!

The Problem

Since its opening, the Dorint Hotel Frankfurt/Oberursel has prioritized the integration of digital solutions, specifically focusing on modern entertainment and digital communication channels for guests. The staff wanted a platform that had a stylish and intuitive design that would encourage usage and lead to increased sales while also providing a centralized place for information about the hotel and the surrounding area.

The following objectives were established as conditions for installing SuitePad tablets:

  • The tablets should enhance the hotel room, adding value for guests. They should provide an efficient means of communication between guests and the hotel.
  • All services offered by the hotel should be clearly presented and easily bookable for guests. The tablets should streamline booking processes and save money for the hotel as a result.
  • As Dorint will grow to become a hotel chain of 88 hotels by 2023, the solution should help to bind guests with the Dorint brand in the longterm.

The SolutionDorint Frankfurt Oberursel Green Option

How SuitePad achieved these goals

Design and attractiveness were two of the most important features that the Dorint team was concerned with. For them, the solution needed to be intuitive for guests, encouraging them to spend money on hotel services.

  • Working together with SuitePad and Dorint Central Headquarters, the hotel was able to create an individualized solution that met the company’s branding requirements. This way, they were able to find a good balance between the services of the individual hotel such as offering a booking platform for their in-house restaurant, the Villa Gans, and offering company-wide incentives such as the Dorint Card.
  • The flexibility of the SuitePad interface means hotel staff are able to quickly and conveniently update content at any time. For example, the attractive packages and offers that are displayed in the ‘Upgrade Your Stay’ section can be tailored to meet guests’ needs while increasing the use of hotel services.
  • SuitePad’s Green Option – a service that allows guests to forgo room cleaning on the days of their choice – created a new source of value that Dorint’s previous provider did not offer. The service allows hotels to optimize processes, generating additional cost savings while meeting the environmental values of modern guests.

The Results

SuitePads are specifically designed to blend in with modern hotel rooms. This helps guests feel comfortable using the solution without it being overly-imposing or garish in the hotel room.

  • Usage figures show that guests use the tablets for an average of 86 hours per month – proof that this design approach works.
  • In addition to generating new sources of revenue, the SuitePad solution has created new avenues for generating cost savings. The Green Option has proven to be particularly successful, offering an additional service for guests and generating additional cost-saving revenues for the hotel.
  • SuitePads allow Dorint to promote their internal services such as the Dorint Card, but also the services of their partners. They are now able to add a feature that links guests to their charity program, Brave Children, encouraging fundraising and awareness for this charity while also helping to build a positive image as a company that supports those in need.

“We often ask ourselves how we can be more effective at meeting the needs of our hotel guests while at the same time generating new streams of revenue and increasing guest satisfaction. By installing SuitePads in our hotel rooms, we’ve become both attractive and relevant for guests!” (Sören Mölter, GM)

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