The Esplanade Bad Saarow

The Hotel Esplanade Resort & Spa Bad Saarow envisioned a solution that was both low-cost and environmentally friendly for their hotel.

After the introduction of SuitePad’s Green Option, the Esplanade reached its first financial milestone after a single month, saving a total of €1,476.60.

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Hotel name: Esplanade Bad Saarow

Location: Bad Saarow, GermanyPDF Icon zum Download

Hotel type: Wellness hotel

Stars: ★ ★ ★ ★

The Hotel

Situated southeast of Berlin on the banks of the picturesque Scharmützelsee lake, the superior 4-star wellness Hotel Esplanade Resort & Spa provides more than just luxurious respite from the big city; it also offers an extensive array of sports and countryside leisure activities that leaves nothing else to
be desired.

With its 170 uniquely-designed rooms, a 3,500m2 exclusive spa, and 3 restaurants, the Esplanade sets the perfect mood for an unforgettable stay.

The hotel has always recognized the importance of incorporating modern technology, consistently pursuing a strong emphasis on both digital guest solutions and green initiatives. In an effort to meet customer demands for increased digitization and corporate social responsibility, the Esplanade turned to service-oriented solutions

Esplanade Bad Saarow SuitePad installation


  1. Engage with guests using green initiatives
  2. Increase the visibility of the hotel’s sustainable activities without compromising on the quality of service.

The Experience of using SuitePad

All rooms at the Esplanade Resort & Spa Bad Saarow have been equipped with SuitePads since February 2016. SuitePads are tablets that guests can use as digital guest directories that also feature specifically designed software optimized for use in the hotel industry.

Introducing the Green Option

Environmental responsibility is a hot topic. Modern guests expect hotels to align with their moral values whether they’re staying for business, leisure, or
for any other reason.

The Esplanade Resort & Spa Bad Saarow recognized that customer demands have changed and took the necessary steps to bring their services in line with modern expectations; this is where SuitePad’s Green Option comes in.

SuitePad’s Green Option gives guests the opportunity to forgo housekeeping in order to help preserve the environment. Guests receive a notification on their in-room SuitePad asking them whether they’d like a cleaner to visit their room the following day. They are then able to accept or decline the service.

For the Esplanade, SuitePad’s Green Option covered all bases. It allowed them to offer guests the option of actively meeting their environmental values without being pushy or sacrificing the hotel’s high housekeeping standards. By offering SuitePad’s Green Option, guests who wanted to forgo room cleaning for environmental reasons could do so, and those who didn’t could still have the same, high-standard cleaning service they would like. Providing this level of choice heightens the guest experience, making the decision to implement this feature a no-brainer.

To incentivize guests to choose the Green Option, the Esplanade decided to offer guests benefits such a €5 voucher for their restaurant or spa, or a 20% discount on purchases made in their in-house soap factory for using the service. In the first month, the Green Option was booked 115 times. Not only did this mean the environmental footprint of the hotel was dramatically reduced, but it also equated to a total of €1,476.60 made in cost savings. This sum was enough to completely cover the licensing costs of their SuitePads for the month, proving that the solution was a success both environmentally and financially.

SuitePad Results – August 2016

Esplanade Bad Saarow Results in 2016

The Esplanade Bad Saarow has once again done justice to its reputation as a contemporary hotel. With the help of SuitePad, they have been able to achieve a high level of guest engagement in CSR green initiatives. The Green Option actively contributes to environmental protection while improving the hotel’s image and refinancing the monthly license costs of the SuitePads in their establishment.


"The decision to introduce the Green Option was very fast for us because, from our perspective, it is a win-win situation. The guest gives us the opportunity to utilize resources such as water, energy, time, and staff more effectively. From the resulting savings we are able to offer the guests benefits that they can use during their stay.”(Robert Minge, Executive Assistant Manager)

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