The Mandala Hotel

Berlin’s only privately-run 5-star hotel is situated in the city’s metropolitan heart, at Potsdamer Platz. Featuring the most spacious rooms in the city, the QUI Bar & Restaurant, the 2 Michelin-starred restaurant FACIL, the award-winning spa ONO, and a number of high-quality conference and meeting rooms, this hotel has something to offer everyone that passes through its doors.

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Hotel name: The Mandala Hotel

Location: Berlin, Germany

Hotel type: City Hotel | Design & PDF Icon zum DownloadLifestyle Hotel

Stars: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

In-Room Tablets in the Mandala Hotel

The Mandala originally decided to equip its guest rooms with SuitePads to better the experience for guests, offering a modern touch that many other hotels lacked. But they also sought other benefits, including using SuitePads as booking interfaces through which guests could order room service, book spa treatments, and make restaurant reservations.

Initially, the Mandala hoped to achieve a baseline revenue of €8.04 per tablet—this amount enabled them to meet the cost of their SuitePad installation. However, after using promotional push notifications that were sent directly to guests through the SuitePad for spa bookings, restaurant reservations, and room service options, the hotel managed to reach an average monthly turnover of €72.57 per tablet within a year. The implementation of this new digital marketing strategy was even more successful than they had initially expected. Here’s a breakdown of how this luxury hotel managed to increase its revenues per tablet more than eightfold within just one year.

Revenue in the Mandala Hotel

The different forms of push notifications

Since installing SuitePad, the Mandala has used push notifications to inform guests of ongoing offers and availability of the hotel’s services.

Personal messaging

Hotel staff can create and schedule personalized messages for guests—for example, a welcome message, an invitation to hotel events, or a list of current offers. These messages can be sent to all guests, individuals, or groups within the hotel.


If there is still availability at the spa or the restaurant, staff can send out push notifications to inform guests and even offer them a special offer to incentivize them to book. This helps drive revenues directly from the hotel’s outlets.


The Mandala installation on SuitePads

Push notifications can be directly linked to a web page, such as the restaurant menu or airport departure times. Interested guests can directly access further information by clicking the “More” button.


If your hotel has an in-house shop, why not offer guests the option to buy souvenirs or gifts as they’re coming to the end of their stay? You’ll be able to fulfill guests’ needs while benefiting financially.


The Mandala continues to use SuitePads in its room, benefiting from the implementation of digital marketing strategies that have been in place since 2014.

The devices have become part of the Mandala standard—allowing guests to stay in a hotel that provides luxury while also focus on modernizing its processes and guest experience.


"Technical innovation is very important, but you have to choose the technical innovation that will ultimately benefit both the guest and the staff. We want to bring SuitePad to our hotel because it connects people." (Christian Andresen, Director)

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