SuitePad allows you to provide a personalized service for your guests and makes it easier for them to access all of your services

Information for your guests

There is a lot to explain in a well-equipped home - operating instructions, information about the local area, emergency contacts and so on. Use SuitePad to explain to your tenants and guests how to use your equipment, to give them the appropriate contact numbers, or to provide dinner recommendations at a nearby restaurant.

Sell additional services

Whether it's breakfast, laundry services, apartment cleaning, or additional furniture rental, SuitePad makes it easier to provide information about extra services. Updates can be managed centrally, regardless of where the apartments are located. Therefore, the time-consuming distribution of paper information pamphlets is now a thing of the past.

Involve your partners

Information about the hotel's partners like laundromats, bike rental shops, wellness centers, hairdressers or restaurants can be integrated on the tablet in a variety of ways, making it available to guests 24/7. You can generate additional revenue and provide convenience to your guests by partnering with local businesses.


Mrs. Röck, owner and hostess
"The tablets were well received from day one. Our guests are mostly very independent and tech-savvy. Whether it's younger couples and families who visit us, especially in the summer, or the older guests, often with dogs, who we often have as guests in the fall and winter.”


We begin with a pre-made design of your aparthotel with standardized texts and images.

Before the kick-off call, our dedicated teams adapt the design to your hotel’s CI and branding. After an initial examination of the installation with our team, it’s your time to send us the content, including equipment usage instructions, activities in the area, dining recommendations, public transportation, and quality images of your suites.

You will then receive a customized installation during the finalization process based on your feedback.

SuitePad - the digital companion for the modern nomad

Get to know more about SuitePad and learn how you and your guests can benefit from the tablet. Our experts will be happy to advise you.