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STANDARD from 1 room
With fixed monthly payments, you can manage the budget for your SuitePad solution with stable costs.
One-time hardware fee of €169 per device
One-time installation fee
Monthly subscription fee (varies based on hotel size and the extent of functionality)
Features such as booking tool, hotel phone, and remote control are individually selectable
PERFORMANCE from 40 rooms
No initial fees - you will only pay when SuitePad contributes to revenue generation or cost savings.
No hardware fee
No installation fee
No monthly subscription fee
Features such as booking tool, hotel phone, and remote control are individually selectable
Pre-defined profit sharing on bookings generated via SuitePad (e.g. waived room cleanings or breakfast upsell)


BYOD Illustration
Lobby Screen Illustration
BYOD inclusive
SuitePad's digital guest directory on guests' own devices.
Included in the SuitePad in-room tablet package at no extra cost
Available as a standalone solution upon request
LOBBY SCREEN exclusive
SuitePad's digital guest directory on a touch screen.
Available in the SuitePad in-room tablet package for an additional fee
Available as a standalone solution upon request


Every hotel has unique needs. We tailor our prices to fit yours.

Whether you're a private hotel, operate seasonally, or are part of an international hotel chain, our pricing is tailored to your specific needs.
We would be happy to present our models in detail and work together to determine the optimal payment options for our solutions.

bullseye-pointerWe'll reach out to you shortly after you submit the form.


We offer two pricing models: "Standard" and "Performance". Our standard model includes one-time charges for hardware and installation, along with a monthly subscription fee based on your number of rooms and in-room tablet features. With the performance option, there are no initial hardware, installation, or monthly subscription fees. You can start using SuitePad without any upfront investment, and you'll only pay when your guests and your hotel benefit from the tablets - e.g. cost savings from canceled room cleanings or additional revenue from breakfast bookings. The specific terms are customized to your needs and objectives, and we're here to help you with expert advice.

Your choice between our models should be fully aligned with your specific needs and goals. If you prefer stable and predictable costs, then the "Standard Model" is the ideal choice. On the other hand, if your hotel has 40 rooms or more and you intend to actively use SuitePad to increase revenue or save costs, the "Performance Model" stands out as a more attractive option. Here, you can start without any initial costs and only pay when there is a proven financial benefit. We are here to assist you in making the right decision that best suits your hotel's individual circumstances.

Yes, in the "Performance Model," the initial expenses for hardware and installation are waived. You'll only be charged when your guests actively use the tablets, leading to either increased revenue or reduced costs. This means that financial commitments only arise when you are also deriving financial benefits from our service. The exact terms of the profit-sharing agreement are customized in advance to ensure they align perfectly with your specific needs and goals.

We are aware that hoteliers are currently facing significant challenges due to the aftermath of the pandemic, labor shortages, and rising energy costs. In response, we've introduced the "Performance Model" to make implementing our solution as straightforward as possible. Successful pilot projects with some of our clients have confirmed that the "Performance Model" creates a win-win situation for both the hotel and our company.


Entdecken Sie das SuitePad In-Room Tablet mit seinen vielfältigen Funktionen und Designoptionen. Unsere Produktexperten schneiden die Online-Präsentation individuell auf Ihr Hotel und Ihre Zielgruppe zu, damit Sie alle relevanten Informationen erhalten.

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