SuitePad Phone is SuitePad’s tablet-integrated telephone function that avoids the need to install expensive hotel telephone systems.

We not only digitize the guest directory; we also revolutionize the classic hotel phone. With SuitePad Phone, your hotel guests can make calls using our in-room tablets.

Your guests will be able to make calls as normal, but you will save both time and money.

SuitePhone benefits: easy to use

Easy to use

The preinstalled telephone app on SuitePads enables both internal and external calls, allowing your guests the freedom to make calls between rooms, with reception, or with anyone around the world – without the need for a physical headset or wire.
SuitePhone benefits: no purchase or operating costs

No purchase or operating costs

By saving on setup costs, a reduced base charge, and the option of monthly cancellation, you’ll remain flexible and spare yourself ongoing operating costs, so you can invest this money elsewhere!
SuitePhone benefits: everything in one device

Everything on one device

SuitePad Phone combines the digital guest directory, hotel phone, concierge tips, and entertainment all on one device, allowing guests an open channel to effectively communicate with the hotel and further afield.

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