Our products enable you to reach your guests anytime, whether in their room, at reception, or on the go.

Make guest communication more personal and efficient, automate internal processes, and both save time and money.
Benefits of using a SuitePad Tablet
SuitePad digital guest directory

SuitePad digital guest directory

The digital communications and entertainment channel for hotel rooms
SuitePad BYOD

SuitePad BYOD

The digital travel companion - before, during, and after hotel stays
SuitePad Phone

SuitePad Phone

The low-cost alternative to the classic hotel telephone

SuitePad TV

The modern and convenient in-room entertainment

Benefits for you

Higher sales revenue

Higher sales revenue

SuitePad offers you the perfect platform to promote your hotel and its services allowing you to maximize your potential sales revenue. For example, if the restaurant or spa has space available, a last-minute push notification could be exactly what's needed to entice guests to use these services. You also have the option to sell hotel vouchers, in-house souvenirs, and lease digital advertising space to local businesses to create new streams of revenue.
Benefits with SuitePad: better guest communications

Improved guest communication

SuitePad allows you to optimize the way you communicate with your guests and staff. You're now able to welcome your guests with a personalized message, inform them of last-minute offers, or notify them of local events that will enhance the experience of staying at your hotel. A live chat and feedback function enables guests to easily make queries, suggestions, complaints, or offer praise so you can respond quickly. SuitePad's integrated telephone function provides a convenient way for your guests to make and receive external and internal calls.
Benefits with SuitePad: lower costs, more streamlined processes

Lower costs while streamlining processes

The need to provide up-to-date guest directories, room service menus, newspapers and magazines all drive up operational costs. A centralized platform allows you to save on the costs associated with providing these services. You'll also save on staffing costs as processes such as room cleaning, room service, and ordering breakfast can now be streamlined, reducing the workload for staff and allowing you to focus on what's important for your business: ensuring guests enjoy their stay at your hotel!
Benefits with SuitePad: well-founded understanding of customers

Understanding your guests

What do your guests want to do while staying at your hotel? What newspapers do they read? What information would be most relevant for them and the purposes of their stay? You can only answer these questions if you have an insight into your guests’ preferences and requirements. SuitePad allows you to use visitor, order, and reservation data to successfully advertise and optimize your hotel services and offers.
Benefits with SuitePad: personalised branding

Personalize your SuitePads

SuitePad gives you the opportunity to effectively display your business's specific brand personality, allowing you to customize the functions and content of the digital guest directory to meet the requirements and services of your hotel. To ensure SuitePad meets your company's branding guidelines, you're able to personalize your devices by placing your hotel logo on the back of the tablet and on the front of the charging station.
Benefits with SuitePad: multiple languages

Multiple languages

Whether it be German, English, Russian or Arabic, SuitePad can provide your guests with information in the language they speak.

Central management of all data and content

Whether you want to replace your room-service menu, update day-trip information, or send your guests a welcome message, the SuitePad editing system enables you to centrally create and publish your content. The platform collects all usage data, simplifying the analysis and optimization of your digital guest communications.
The Swissôtel Berlin uses SuitePad's digital guest directory.


Axel Mißner, Executive Assistant Manager
"In Berlin, what distinguishes us from other city hotels is service. This starts with the staff and how they treat guests but also encompasses all other services including a SuitePad which is not necessarily something one would previously have expected from a Swissotel and is a real surprise for guests.”

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