Our products enable you to reach your guests anytime, whether it is in the guest's room, at reception or while on the go.

Make your guest communication more efficient and more personal, automate internal processes, and save time and money.
SuitePad digital guest directory

SuitePad digital guest directory

The digital communications and entertainment channel for hotel rooms
SuitePad Lobby & Sony Xperia Touch

SuitePad Lobby

The digital advertising and information space for the reception area
SuitePad BYOD

SuitePad BYOD

The digital travel companion - before, during and after hotel stays

SuitePad Phone

The low-cost alternative to the classic hotel telephone

Benefits for you


Higher sales revenue

Maximise the advantages offered by SuitePad to profitably attract attention to your hotel and services. Advertise free restaurant or spa capacity via a push notification. Sell hotel vouchers and souvenirs, or lease your digital advertising space to companies from the local region to generate additional sales.
Benefits with SuitePad: better guest communications

Better guest communications

SuitePad offers a number of ways to optimise communications between hotel guests and staff. Welcome your guests with a personalised message, or inform them about last-minute offers. A live chat and quick feedback facility enable guests to easily send you their queries, suggestions, compliments or issues, and for you to respond swiftly to these.
Benefits with SuitePad: lower costs, more streamlined processes

Lower costs, more streamlined processes

Constantly up-to-date guest directories, room-service menus, newspapers and magazines drive up operational costs. A central solution will not only spare you the expense of providing such services, you will also be able to refinance the initial investment through additional sales and advertising income within the space of a year.
Benefits with SuitePad: well-founded understanding of customers

Well-founded understanding of customers

What does your guest want to do in their free time? What newspapers do they read? And what information are they looking for? Only when you know your guests well, can you know how best to attend to them. Use SuitePad to gain an insight into your guests’ preferences.
Benefits with SuitePad: personalised branding

Personalised Branding

SuitePad gives you an even greater chance to express your property’s unique personality, adapting the functions and content of the digital guest directory to your requirements and hotel services. Brand guidelines are of course upheld.
Benefits with SuitePad: multiple languages

Multiple languages

Whether it be German, English, Russian or Arabic, SuitePad can provide your guest information in the languages spoken by your guests.

Central management of all data and content

Whether you want to replace your room-service menu, update day-trip information, or send your guests a welcome message, the SuitePad editing system enables you to centrally create and publish your content, regardless of end device. The platform collects all data on usage and opening rates, thereby simplifying the analysis and optimisation of your digital guest communications.
The Swissôtel Berlin uses SuitePad's digital guest directory.


Axel Mißner, Executive Assistant Manager
In Berlin, what distinguishes us from other city hotels is service. This starts with the staff and how they treat guests, but also encompasses all other services including a SuitePad which is not necessarily something one would previously have expected from a Swissotel, and is a real surprise for guests.”

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