The Excelsior Hotel Ernst

The 5-star luxury property Excelsior Hotel Ernst elegantly combines style and tradition with a modern touch. The Leading Hotel of the World®, family-owned since its founding in 1863, is known for excellent service, savvy technology, and close attention to detail.

The Excelsior Hotel Ernst presents a full spread of services including two restaurants, a piano bar, and facilities for wellness, fitness, and business needs.

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Hotel name: Excelsior Hotel Ernst

Location: Cologne, GermanyPDF Icon zum Download

Hotel type: City Hotel | Luxury Hotel

Stars: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The Hotel

Since the summer of 2014, the Excelsior also provides SuitePad tablets in all its rooms. Using their SuitePad, hotel guests may access hotel information or newspapers in their language of choice, request a late checkout, or contact the concierge. They may also make spa reservations or order room service. SuitePad complements the Excelsior hotel experience as a guest highlight and additional friction- free touchpoint. Altruism aside, SuitePad also functions as a potent revenue stream for the property. By entering advertising partnerships with local brands, the Excelsior Hotel Ernst not only supplements existing revenue, they completely offset the cost of SuitePad.

Excelsior Hotel Ernst Installation

Post Implementation Results

High engagement

Every SuitePad installation features an analytics dashboard that gives the hotelier a mobile overview of SuitePad usage and all key figures instantly. Usage statistics show that the average Excelsior Hotel Ernst guest uses SuitePad at least once a day, spends 5 minutes per session with the tablet and, during that session, opens five different pages.

Feedback on TripAdvisor

Guests from all over the world use TripAdvisor to rate their stay at the Excelsior Hotel Ernst. Several delighted reviewers refer explicitly to the SuitePad, which can be found in all the Excelsior’s rooms.

Additional service

To a guest at the Excelsior Hotel Ernst, SuitePad isn’t just a tool to book spa treatments and order room service - it’s also a digital concierge. All SuitePads contain curated information about the city, nearby sights, current events, and shopping tips.

The Excelsior has established a successful collaboration with local, regional, and national providers of luxury goods. The hotel lobby features a showroom with a selection of high quality products from qualified partners. The hotel’s SuitePad installation features the same products in high quality, rotating images that inform guests about luxury shopping in hand-selected nearby boutiques, ranging from watches and jewelry to lingerie and fashion.

By providing shopping tips for their exclusive guests with carefully selected advertising partners, the Excelsior Hotel Ernst has created a very lucrative revenue channel while offering a digital complement to their concierge service.

Extending service offers

The Excelsior enters only into partnerships with brands that share their vision and demographic, and that see the in-room tablets as a great opportunity to present their products in a modern and appealing way. Among the partners of the Excelsior Hotel Ernst are Max Mara, the Time Square (a specialist store for luxury watches), and the creator of the Eau de Cologne, 4711.

All advertising partners share a single advertising space on the home screen of the SuitePad. This tile uses image slider functionality that not only allows the hotel to feature multiple partners on a single tile, but also pulls guest attention. Details like shop address, special offers, and opening hours are shown when the guest clicks on one of the images.

Increase revenue

The Hotel Excelsior Ernst generates an additional 5-digit sum annually just by featuring advertising partners on a single, rotating tile on the home screen of their SuitePad installation. The Excelsior completely refinances their SuitePad solution through advertisements.

Positive feedback from guests and partners alike

The Excelsior Hotel Ernst only allows handpicked partners to advertise in their rooms, always putting the guest first. Feedback from guests and partners has been exclusively positive.

Selection and Acquisition of Partners

As a first step, the Excelsior Hotel Ernst contacted potential partners that were already exhibiting in the hotel lobby. Presenting these products digitally provides additional visibility and an increased marketing effect to hotel guests.

In addition, the hotel contacted nearby luxury boutiques and select suppliers and invited them for a product presentation. The presentation focused on a demonstration of the physical SuitePad device coupled with a strong case in data. Using the demo device with featured mock- ups of possible advertisments, potential partners were able to envision the end effect on hotel guest attention. SuitePad itself contributed a presentation as well as the prepared demo device that the hotel used in the demonstration.

Partners of the Excelsior Hotel Ernst

The luxury hotel has established very successful cooperations with local companies like the perfumery Dufthaus 4711, the fashion label Max Mara, and the watch specialist store Time Square. In total, the Excelsior works with seven different advertising partners from the luxury and fashion industry.

Advertisement integrationExcelsiorErnst_Shopping

SuitePad can accommodate several advertisement integrations. The Excelsior Hotel Ernst utilized an image slider tile showing different advertisements, one after another, with smooth transitions. By default, each image stays on the screen for 5 seconds with possible interval adjustments. This option has the advantage that the hotel can choose to feature multiple advertising partners, which are all prominently visible on the home screen, only using a single tile on the SuitePad.


  • Exclusive option: Fixed advertising tile on the home screen
  • Premium option: Image slider tile (advertising images rotating with 5s interval)
  • Classic option: Multiple ads, each with a separate page, that the user may access by clicking on a shopping tile

Results as of Summer 2015

The Excelsior Hotel Ernst has created another hotel room highlight to surprise and delight. Guests appreciate the increased accessibility of information
and additional functionality, with the vast majority of rooms using the tablets every day.

The Excelsior also generates significant additional revenue through cooperation with advertising partners. As a result, guests receive curated, exclusive offers and shopping tips. They remember SuitePad as something that makes their stay at the Excelsior Hotel Ernst even more pleasant and memorable.


"The main reason behind our decision for SuitePad was the added value for our guests. Of course, the ability to refinance the solution completely by integrating local partners is also a pleasant peripheral benefit.” (Stefan Müller, Director Sales & Marketing)

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