SuitePad Lobby Screen features

Digital information point

Digital information point

The SuitePad Lobby Screen is the perfect information point for guests. Whether they want to find out about the hotel restaurant menu, the weather forecast, or ideas for daily activities in the area, they can with the touch of a button.

Quick and anonymous feedback

Quick and anonymous feedback

Guests are most honest about their stay when they know their feedback is anonymous. With the SuitePad Lobby Screen, guests can leave feedback knowing that it’s anonymous, giving you a more accurate insight into their experience and what your hotel does well, and where it could improve. A 21st-century guest book!

Sharing the load

Supplementing the front desk

Some guests don’t need to visit the front desk—especially if they just want to book a table in the restaurant or order a taxi. The SuitePad Lobby Screen offers simple solutions for guests that have simple requests, enabling your front desk staff to concentrate on more complex guest requests.

SuitePad Lobby Screen

The digital guest directory for hotel lobbies

SuitePad Lobby Screen complements your hotel's SuitePad installation in the hotel rooms by engaging your guests when they're in the reception area. It can be adapted to the needs of reception, spa, and restaurant staff.

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