SuitePad Lobby Screen transforms your lobby into an interactive point of sale

The SuitePad Lobby Screen allows guests to interactively explore the products and services that your hotel has to offer through a state-of-the-art touch-screen monitor. Whether it’s exploring things to do in the local area, or booking a table at the hotel restaurant, the SuitePad Lobby Screen reduces the workload for reception staff during peak hours so they can concentrate on giving guests the best possible service.

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How the SuitePad Lobby Screen will bring your hotel lobby into the digital age

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Ease the burden for front desk staff  

Staff at the front desk regularly get overwhelmed with customer requests during peak hours. Reduce their workload by offering activity and restaurant booking and general information through the SuitePad Lobby Screen. This will empower front desk staff to concentrate on helping guests that need it most, heightening the overall guest experience at your hotel.
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Digitally promote your hotel’s products and services

Promoting your hotel’s products and services is easier and more effective when you can actually show guests what they’ll be getting. With the SuitePad Lobby Screen, guess can interactively preview local tours, meals in the restaurant, and products in your hotel gift shop. This will drive sales and increase revenue for your business.
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Quick and easy to update

There’s nothing more frustrating for your guests and embarrassing for you than out-of-date information about the hotel and what it has to offer. With the SuitePad Lobby Screen, information is updated at the click of a button, so you can avoid confusing customers and run your business more smoothly and efficiently.

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