SuitePad accompanies your guests throughout their vacation

Easy Peasy Holiday Extension

Many guests consider extending their stay on their last evening, or want a late check-out the next morning. Unfortunately, only very few go down to reception to actually make the request. With SuitePad, you can send push notifications or pop-up messages on the in-room tablet in order for them to make a quick decision and send their requests through their SuitePad.

Additional Sales

SuitePad is also used by many hotels to better allocate available slots in the spa or restaurant. All guests receive free capacities through push notifications. The guest then sees the remaining available spots and can book them straight through the tablet. This helps to sell what would otherwise have not been booked.

Seasonal Information

Your offers and hotel information change according to seasons? With SuitePad, you can instantly transmit updated content to all guests or display specific content at any chosen time. By linking to the content of the local tourism association, the guest also receives information from the region without requiring you to do any further work.
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Natalia Chantzi, Owner & General Manager
"Through the use of SuitePad tablets, we have managed to anticipate guest needs. Since we started using them, we have noticed that 30% of our room service orders take place through the tablets. The contemporary guest wants to make orders from the convenience of their bed or private pool while relaxing without having to speak on the phone while holding a menu and flipping through pages. With the SuitePad tablet, the guest can discover a whole world of activities, excursions, and experiences by letting us know about their preference at the touch of a button."

Higher sales with the digital guest directory

The Mövenpick The Hague in the Netherlands has been using SuitePad as a direct booking tool in 72 rooms since 2020. With SuitePad, the extensive range of services offered by the 4-star luxury hotel can be presented much more clearly and advertized more effectively. Thanks to the direct booking option as well as the Green Option that enables guests to forgo room cleaning, SuitePads contribute significantly to revenue generation.
Green Option orders
€ 14
Cost per room cleaning
€ 882
Cost savings per month

SuitePad Design for Beach Hotels

We begin with a pre-made design of your beach resort with standardized texts and images.

Before the kick-off call, our dedicated teams adapt the design to your hotel’s CI and branding. After an initial examination of the installation with our team, it’s your time to send us the hotel’s content, including sports and water activities, family programs, beaches in the area, and quality images of your beachside restaurant and bar.

You will then receive a customized installation during the finalization process based on your feedback.

SuitePad accompanies your guests throughout their vacation.

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