Guests can now control their hotel room TV directly from their SuitePad device

TV remotes cause a host of problems for hoteliers. The batteries are constantly flat, they are easy for guests to lose, and they harbor high amounts of bacteria in the crevices of the buttons. SuitePad TV Control does away with these issues. Every SuitePad in-room tablet is fitted with an integrated infrared blaster, enabling it to connect with virtually every TV model. Guests can now filter TV channels via language and genre, offering them a modern and intuitive TV watching experience.

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A replacement for outdated technology

Modern guests expect modern features in their hotel, so why not offer them? Forget about needing to replace flat batteries and broken or lost TV remotes, and welcome a new way for your guests to experience in-room entertainment.

The more hygienic solution

The crevices in between the buttons and the high touch rate of a hotel room TV remote make it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. SuitePads are simple for your housekeeping team to keep clean, helping you keep your guests safe from illness.

Increased revenue

Guests spend more than twice as much time using SuitePads when SuitePad TV Control is installed, increasing your chances to up-sell your hotel's products and services. Using this feature transforms the TV remote from a humble tool into a digital up-selling machine.

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